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Welcome at Puppenliste.de!
On our virtual market-place you can sell your old dolls
or find some very nice pieces for your collection!

What will you find at *Puppenliste.de*?

Being a collector of dolls
you'll find a variety of interesting dolls offered for sale:
  Kathe Kruse dolls    porcelain dolls   celluloid dolls
  see also:   user information

Being an owner of dolls
you'll find buyers for your valuable pieces:
   information     prices   registration form  (in German)

Being a novice in the field of dolls
yoll'll find someone who can help you in identifying your dolls:
   appraisals by e-mail

Interested in new Kathe Kruse dolls as well?
Here's a site where you'll find a great variety of available dolls:

Last update: 01.09.2008
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