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Terms and conditions

  1. Puppenliste.de is an online market place where private sellers can offer their old

  2. Prices: All prices at puppenliste.de are set by the sellers themselves. They are not binding, and it can not be guaranteed that the dolls have not been sold in the meantime.

  3. Shipping costs: It is the buyer who has to pay the shipping costs (and the insurance, if he/she wants to have the parcel sent with insurance).

  4. Payment: If not otherwise agreed, payment is made as a wire transfer in euro. The seller would provide the buyer with his international bank account number IBAN and BIC (SWIFT) code.

  5. VAT taxes: In those cases where the sellers are obliged to pay VAT taxes, these taxes are included in the prices.

  6. Commercial dealers: The sign (G) behind the name indicates a commercial dealer.

  7. Private transactions: Most of the offers at puppenliste.de are made by private sellers. Please note that in these cases - unlike in transactions with commercial dealers - there is no right to cancel the sale afterwards, and the rights to claim under guarantee are different as well.

  8. Exclusion of liability: The negotiations and the concluding of the deal are solely made between buyers and sellers. Therefore, the owner of puppenliste.de is not liabable for the quality of any of the goods that are dealed on this online platform. The sellers are fully responsible for the truthful presentation of their dolls.

Last update: 10.08.2007
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